Dekalb County Proposed New Sanitation Service

This makes perfect sense to me.  As a long time Dekalb County resident we started with trash service four days a week.  Two days for household trash, one day for recycling and one day for yard debris.  That always seemed excessive and wasteful (no pun intended).  Then Dekalb County combined the recycling and yard debris pickup but still a sanitation truck came by every residence three times a week.  Better but still…………  Some City of Brookhaven residents were chosen to do the test run of one pickup a week and they were provided with one standardized 65-gallon green can for trash and the same sized blue can for recycling.   Hopefully, this change will go into affect for the entire county!


DeKalb County, GA, February 4, 2015 – by The Post – DeKalb County is proposing Sanitation service changes for its customers county-wide.

For the 28,000 customers who participated in the Sanitation Pilot Program, as well as the rest of the county, service will remain the same while the initiative is being worked through.

The change, if adopted, will mean solid waste and recycling and yard trimmings will be collected on the same day.

The county says this “cost-saving initiative promotes a one-day-a-week recycling and solid waste collection plan and the institution of free county-provided solid waste containers for county residents.”

The following outlines the proposed recycling and solid waste collection initiative:

  • Residential customers will not experience a rate increase.
  • Standardized containers: The standardized use of 65-gallon green county-provided trash containers will ensure neighborhoods are cleaner and neater with the reduction of loose trash.
  • One-day-a-week waste pickup: Currently, garbage is collected twice a week for DeKalb County residents.
  • On the first collection day, Sanitation picks up more than 66 percent of countywide garbage. This leaves a much lighter second-day collection.
  • Consolidated collection: With consolidated collection, all waste (solid waste, recycling and yard trimmings) will be collected on the same day.
  • Additional benefits to county residents: The program will include a renewed focus on recycling education for county residents and additional roadside litter collection by Sanitation employees.

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